The vision of Colortree Group’s corporate identity captures the model of superior quality and outstanding customer service our vendors and customers alike have come to expect.

The use of color and the significance of a strong, diverse tree provide a powerful visual link to our brand identity. The square tree represents our corporate mind set being set apart from the rest, and the line at the tree’s base signifies our strong foundation. The leaves colors are derived from our original logo, developed nearly a quarter century ago, and serve to represent both our corporate diversity and our continued growth.

Colortree Group logo colors

The Colortree Group logo is comprised of six colors, specified in our Corporate Identity Standards Guide.

In all corporate communications, the accent color used is purple. The accent color is used to highlight information — in areas such as headlines or subheads, call to action items and graphic elements such as borders or rules.

Colortree Group logo usage

The Colortree Group logo can be used with or without the tagline.

Whenever possible, the color logo should be used on a white background for maximum impact and clarity. The logo should have a required minimum of 0.125″ white space on all sides.

If used in black and white format, all logo elements should be 100% black. With special permission, the logo can be used on a dark background with all logo elements reproduced in 100% white.

In order to maintain legibility, the minimum size of the Colortree Group logo is 1.125″ wide.

For more information, please see Colortree Group Corporate Identity Standards Guide.


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