We’re more than ink on paper. Colortree Group, Inc. is a Leader in environmental stewardship, responsiveness and innovation.

Through the years, we have been a leader in managing our business in a way that impacts our environment in a friendly, positive and thoughtful manner. We believe that operating in a sustainable way is as good for business as it is for the environment.


What is FSC®?FSC Colortree

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to responsible forest management. The FSC® Principles and criteria describe how forests are to be managed to meet the social, economical, ecological, cultural, and spiritual needs of present and future generations. When you buy or specify products with the FSC® label, you are supporting well-managed forests, where people, wildlife and the environment benefit from these practices.



What is SFI®?

Web_SFILabelThe Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) stands for future forests. An independent nonprofit organization, SFI® promotes sustainable forestry with comprehensive programs supporting ecosystem research and conservation, education and professional accreditation, community engagement, and an internationally-recognized forest certification program. 


Why does it matter?

We like recycling. Won’t deny it. Nothing fancy, just a quick sort of our materials makes us feel that we’re leaving a lighter, better footprint on the earth. Our FSC® and SFI® certification is globally recognized as being the most credible and strongest system for ensuring well-managed forests and identifying the products manufactured from this wood. It’s also good business. Our business is seeing, and feeling the value of operating as a green company and advertising this commitment to our customers.


You can improve the recyclability of your print project

Think about the long-term impact of your next printing project. Coatings, laminates, inks, foils, adhesives, labels, and paper selection can all affect the recyclability of a printed document. We can help you to find alternative ways to get the desired effect of your design demands without inhibiting the recyclability of the finished piece.


Working together we can make a difference!

If you have suggestions about other ways we could further limit our environmental impact, please contact us with your ideas. We’d love to hear from you!


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