The Intelligent Mail Barcode for Beginners

A very hot topic in the direct mail marketing world is the Intelligent Mail Bar code (IMB), a key element in a successful marketing plan. In a posting in the Federal Register on May 3rd, 2012 under the heading “POSTNET …Read More

Print in a Digital Age

In an age of digital might and opportunity, it might surprise you to know there are a growing number of artists and entrepreneurs who have returned to products that Johannes Gutenburg would easily recognize. Dan & Dave’s Ultimate Deck of …Read More

Recycled Mail Deinked

I was very curious to understand how my discarded mail pieces were going to be recovered for reuse. So, this is what I learned. Before your direct mail can be used to manufacture certain grades of paper, the printing inks …Read More

Myths and Realities of Direct Mail

Direct mail has an environmental impact – but what is a myth and what is reality? Knowing the facts helps consumers, businesses and organizations formulate more informed opinions about the value of the communications in their mailbox. Myth: Trees are …Read More


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