Marketing with laser precision

Data-driven sales are long-term strategies that include gathering information, updating and cleansing the database, and analyzing consumer behavior. Colortree Group is your trusted, long-term business partner who can provide your entire marketing solution, from database marketing to printing, mailing and response tracking, all under one roof.

Colortree Group clients are able to reach their target markets with laser precision, while reducing costs. We help our clients achieve this in a number of ways including:

  • Cleaning, managing, and segmenting your lists for maximum value
  • List standardization, CASS certification, and move updated information
  • Merge, Purge and Dedupe existing client lists or lists that are purchased or rented
  • Campaign analysis that provides valuable insight into what offer is resonating with clients, which lists are performing well and where to make changes
  • All of this helps in determining who is ready to buy now

A marketing campaign built on anything other than precisely segmented consumer and business lists using database management is a marketing campaign designed to fail.

Plan to be successful in your next marketing campaign by partnering with the Colortree Group’s experienced data team.

To learn more, contact your Colortree Group account manager, call 800.222.2962 or click here to request a call.


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