Our team understands that every envelope carries precious content-your message.

We make creating and buying full color printed envelopes easy.

Our envelope printing specialties are:

  • The High Definition Envelope. The HD Envelope process begins with a bold colorful image-rich design. These envelopes are available in any quantity with NO minimum order.
  • JET Imprint Envelope. The JET imprint begins with our pre-made standard or fully custom envelopes. This process works well when graphic design features include fine-line screens, solids, halftones or close registration of up to two colors.
  • Flexo Printed Envelope. The Flexo printing process begins when both sides of the envelope are printed as it is being made. The equipment we use can print up to four spot colors on the outside of the envelope and one spot color inside of the envelope.

Your unique design, job specifications and print quality expectations will determine which print process is best suited to your project.

Already have something in mind? Don’t hold back, go for it. Put us to the test!

To learn more, contact your Colortree Group account manager, call 800.222.2962 or click here to request a call.


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