What is a PMS color?

A PMS color is known as a reference color on a color chart called Pantone matching system. The correct trade name is Pantone colors.

What is Jet Printing?

Jet printing is a term used in the industry for printing on converted envelopes. The envelopes are stacked into a hopper and run through and printed at high speeds.

Why are some envelopes referred to as numbers, like a #10, or 6-3/4?

Those are terms used within the envelope industry and are common sizes. Use our simple envelope chart to see the common industry sizes and what the dimensions are for each size.

What is the difference between a Presort Standard and First Class Mailing?

Presort Standard is the U.S. Post Office’s new term for all Bulk Mailings. First Class mailing is a standard first class priority mail service.

What is the difference between DPI and LPI?

DPI or Dots Per Inch is a measure of the resolution of an image in a document as measured by however many pixels are contained within a 1 inch square of the image. Thus the more pixels per inch, the …Read More

All About Fonts

Ensuring that your document is printed exactly as you created is what we strive for on every job. However, the one thing that prevents this from happening most often is incompatible or missing fonts in a document. When you design …Read More

FTP File Transfers

Colortree Group’s prepress department maintains a fast, secure FTP site for your file uploads. Contact your account manager for information on how to set up an account.

What are acceptable file formats to send to you?

We accept QuarkXPress and InDesign file formats, among others, in Mac or in Windows. Call or email us if you’re using a different application to confirm format support. You may also send the files to us on a CD, DVD …Read More

What workflow system do you use?

We are presently using the Kodak Prinergy Powerpack Workflow System. Prinergy enables us to deliver performance and reliability, along with best-in-class productivity and connectivity options by using the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine. We also use Kodak’s InSite Prepress Portal …Read More

What platforms do you support?

We support both Apple and PC platforms.


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