Print Registration

Registration relates to the importance of precision alignment and placement. Proper registration means that any ink impression on the paper occurs in the precise position as intended.


Remittance envelopes are typically used by charities, billing agencies, schools, churches, mail order companies, and by other businesses and organizations for ordering or remittance applications. They provide a large printing surface for order blanks and other information required by the …Read More

Kost Kut

An envelope term that is also known as a Wallet flap or Remittance envelope.

Aqueous Coating

An aqueous coating is a fast-drying, water-based, protective coating which is applied in-line on press to attain a selection of finishes more economical price than varnish. Aqueous coatings are not used in a printing unit, as varnishes are further distinguishing …Read More

Window Patch

A plastic, glassine or acetate material glued over the window opening.

Window Gum

A type of adhesive that is used to secure patch material to the envelope blank.


An opening cut out of the face or back of the envelope which allows the addressed insert to show through. Windows can be patched with plastic, cellophane or glassine patch material or left open with no patch.

Wallet Flap

A rectangular square seal-flap designed to assure secure closure when there are multiple inserts in the envelope. Wallet flap style envelopes are not machine insertable.


Varnish is essentially ink without pigment. It requires its own printing unit on a printing press. It can be wet-trapped (printed in-line at the same time other inks are laid down), or dry-trapped (run as an additional pass through the …Read More

Uncoated Papers

Paper which does not have a coated surface, i.e. wove, vellum, smooth finish paper.


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